From Emily’s Writing Desk. Oh. Hello, Spring. It’s my favorite season to write. I’m often asked, “Working on anything new?” A big yes to that! I’m always working on something, even if mapping out a plot (usually while zoning out) in my mind. So let me share with you projects in the works.

#GoDark in Dark Displays, the horrifying heist that puts the selfish, sexy museum owner, Jason Hood, and elementary school teacher, Lydia Massey, in the middle of a nightmare during a class field trip. It’s set in a place close to my heart, Northwest D.C.

Find #FirstLove in The One You Need (Contemporary Romance). Tabitha Cole is told she’ll never find love. She’s a person with Autism living alone in the city for the first time after her sister takes a job in another state. Tabitha meets Andrew Simon, a litigation lawyer who needs her testimony in his upcoming trial. But falling for someone like Tabitha is a challenge of the heart he may never win and he might lose his career in the process.

Be #OnPointe with my romantic suspense novel Don’t Turn Around. Professional ballerina, Alisa Sokolov’s world stops spinning with the murder of a fellow dancer at the Annapolis Ballet Academy and the undercover officer,  Samar Barsar, who finds himself drawn to her, even though he knows she’s hiding something.

Love comes at a cost. The Flawless Series. Book 2. 


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