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Carats, Book 3 in the Flawless Series. The third and final book in the story of the Harrison Brothers.

Damon Harrison doesn’t like disruptions, imperfections, or meaningful relationships. As a lawyer for the family jewelry store, he’s accustomed to having access to rare and beautiful things. So when his newest client asks for his help, he rejects everything about her.

Lila Kent is used to the dark. At the age of sixteen, a genetic condition took her eyesight. Ten years later she struggles to keep control of her world. The loss of her uncle brings about change she is not prepared for…it also brings about something else. A diamond ring.

The discovery of the ring forces Lila to choose between the safety of her routine or asking Damon for help. Lila learns that people aren’t always who they seem, that the heart doesn’t always win, and things left behind aren’t always meant to be found.


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