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The French Twist Café

The French Twist Café set in historic Sykesville reminds me of a setting in a story. The word twist actually means to turn away from something stationary. A plot twist. A twist of fate. A coffee with a twist. It’s not just a coffee shop. It’s more. The words on the side of the building are Coffee, Crêpes and Conversation. Like a good flow of paragraphs, I want to turn the page and step inside to see what this place has to offer.

Set across the street is a train car and a post office. There’s something romantic about walking up to an early twentieth-century home that’s been converted to a coffee shop. I’m pleasantly intrigued by what I see; I know this is going to be good. I leave the glittering fall day outside and step inside.

The instant I walk through the door my stomach grumbles. Fresh batter for crepes, caffeine, a hint of something else—chocolate maybe—or just a special blend of all their ingredients captures my senses. The menu that I pick up has a selection from Suorees (sweet crêpes) to Galettes (savory crêpes) and Une Petite Douceurs like croissants with chocolate or almond and cookies and baked goods, not to mention specialty coffees. I choose the L’Italienne and the Crêpe à la banane et au Nutella, fancy right? Makes me want to learn French. Or, be in Paris sitting outside with a coffee in my hand.

I like this place. Inside it has a bit of soul. There’s no reason to hurry. I get my plates of crêpes and my latte and walk upstairs to see what it has to offer. I’m greeted with a long table surrounded by photos of Paris on the wall and a subway map of the city. Around the corner I find a sitting area with couches with shelves full of board games and, yes, books! Adding to the atmosphere are the white lights strung up high on the wall that casts a glow over the room. A table with a window overlooking the brick buildings of downtown is where I sit. A perfect spot to eat and just breathe.

The food is fantastic. I take my time, glancing at the latte in my hand which is almost too pretty to drink with the fancy leaf in the foam. How do they do that? The details are the special spin on this place. Everything about the location and the menu are unexpected and worthy of a visit next time you find yourself downtown. I want to come back again and share it, like a memorable book.



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