Well, hello Reader, I am so glad you stopped by. Writing has been the sort of side project that continues to expand and grow with passion for each new story I write. I have always been a fan of books from Nothing’s Fair in the Fifth Grade to Jane Austen and beyond. I wish I could tell you that I’ve been writing since I could hold a pencil, but the truth is, I discovered writing along the way between work and life.

You never forget your first… Perfect by Judith McNaught was the first romance novel I read. I was sixteen and a friend had loaned me this book. She also had ‘warned’ me about certain ‘scenes.’ But the story of Julie Mathison and Zachary Benedict sparked my love for reading romance. I read every romance novel I could get my hands on. 

Writing romance novels are my favorite because…There’s nothing like that one book that stays on your mind long after the ending. I think stories with strong romantic elements give readers an opportunity to relate to characters making wrong choices, suffer from seriously bad timing, misunderstandings, and face the mother of all complications–heartbreak.  The ending will be happy, but by all means, let the hero and the heroine work for it. Plus, whenever I read books in another genre, I’m always looking for a romance between two characters and become disappointed when it’s not there.  

Who are my some of my favorite authors? There are too many, but the short list is easy. Lauren Layne, K.A. Tucker, Marissa Meyer, Kate Morton, J.R. Ward, R.S. Grey, and Sarah Morgan. 

In my personal life…I am from Central California, a place with orchards and agriculture and hot summers. I made my way to the East Coast where I live in Maryland with my husband and our two children. My favorite month is October. December is a close second. There’s something magical about a good coffee shop. My favorite superheros are Thor and Loki (especially when paired on screen together). I have a soft spot for villains and their backstories. I have never mastered the art of parallel parking. And I prefer a lake to a beach. What else would you like to know?  Drop me an email or connect on social media.