Well, hello Reader, I am glad you stopped by. Writing has been a side project that continues to grow with passion for each new story I write. I have always been a fan of books from my earliest books like Nothing’s Fair in the Fifth Grade to Jane Austen and way beyond to romance genres, thrillers, young adult, and a bit of fantasy. I have too many favorite authors to count. To many stories I love to lose myself in. Just like reading, I discovered writing along the way between work and life.

Writing romance novels are my favorite because…There’s nothing like that one book you fall in love with. And love is a central theme to life. Readers can relate to complicated relationships, making wrong choices, suffer from seriously bad timing, and heartbreak.

In my personal life…I am from Central California, a place with orchards and hot summers. I made my way to the East Coast where I live in Maryland with my husband and our two children. My favorite month is October. December is a close second. There’s something magical about a good coffee shop. I have a soft spot for villains and their backstories. I have never mastered the art of parallel parking. And my favorite moment in a book is the first kiss. What else would you like to know?  Drop me an email or connect on social media.