Trust Your Heart Discussion Questions

  • Before reading Trust Your Heart, what was your opinion about someone with Autism?
  • Did Maren’s perspective challenge that opinion? Did her personality teach you something new about someone living on the spectrum?
  • Why do you think Caleb is drawn to Maren?
  • One of Caleb’s weaknesses is his back-and-forth between Sara and Maren. Why do you think that is?
  • Why do you think Maren allows Caleb to remain in her life? Do you think she ‘understood’ what he was doing?
  • Maren’s honesty is one piece of her personality. Do you think she ever truly felt bad for saying how she feels in the moment?
  • Do you think Maren feels any less than someone who is neurotypical?
  • Maren’s family has influence over her life. Do you think they hold her back or hold her in place?
  •  Do you think Caleb truly loved Maren in the end?