Your Favorite Coffee Shop


If you follow my blog you know I love to visit coffee shops and write about them. I combine tips for writing with all things caffeine and now I am excited to feature some of your favorite coffee shops. I’m going to show them off and hear about what makes you keep coming back for that second grande mocha. Do you prefer lattes with that beautiful artwork? More of a one shot cappuccino person or you prefer the a classic medium roast? Tell me all about this place. What makes it special? I want to know about the vibe and I want to share the coffee love.

What I need from you: name and website of coffee house. What makes this place different from the others (because, let’s face it, there are many coffee shops to choose from)? Favorite drink/food item (let’s not ignore those shelves filled with beautiful baked goods). Does the barista know your order by heart or have you recently discovered the cafe? Do they offer something extra like live music, poetry readings, book clubs…? Anything more you want to share is a bonus.

Jump over to my contact page and fill out the message with the information. Posts will be kept up for one week. If you have photos from your coffee house you want to share I’ll post those too! Send any questions you might have.